Personal Hygiene - Skin

Normally healthy skin needs little care apart from regular washing with soup and water. Greasy skin should be washed more frequently than dry skin, which can be helped by rubbing in a slightly oily lotion or ointment. Where sweat is not free to evaporate, such as under the arms and between the thighs, bacteria can break down the oil in the sweat and give off body odour. In most people, this can be avoided by daily washing: in other, a daily bath with liberal soap lathering is necessary. Body odour can also come from sweat in clothing; under-clothing, socks or stockings should therefore be changed every day.

It is important for people past middle age to take care of their feet. Corns and bunions are potential sites of infection. Consult a doctor or chiropodist about treatment; do not try to treat stubborn corns yourself.

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