Pantun Kasih Sayang Berkias

Sebelah mana pohon senuju?
Balik pokok batang setawar,
Bintang di langit kena tuju,
Matahari turun minta penawar.

Kembang tersenyum bunga China,
Tiga denga gandasuli,
Sekalian alam habis fana,
Tuan juga yang tajalli.

Anak yu disangka lampam,
Kalau lampam mana locatnya?
Kalau rindu disangka demam,
Kalau demam mana pucatnya?

Rotan batu rotan udang,
Anak sebarau di atas lada,
Sahaya tak tahu larangan orang,
Sahaya menumpang bergurau sahaja.

Pukul gendang tiup serunai,
Raja berangkat ke seberang,
Putih mata si burung punai,
Kayu ara ditunggu helang.

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Personal Hygiene - Teeth

The teeth, ideally, should be brushed after every meal and last thing at night to remove trapped food particles and prevent decay. When brushing after meal is not possible, rinse the mouth out with water. Brush up and down, not backwards and forwards, on both sides of the teeth. move the brush high and low enough to massage the gums without damaging them. Avoid using harsh abrasives and strong antiseptics; always use your own toothbrush and do not share a brush with someone else.

A dental check-up twice a year ensures that any decay is detected at early stage, when the dentist can treat it easily and effectively.

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Personal Hygiene - Skin

Normally healthy skin needs little care apart from regular washing with soup and water. Greasy skin should be washed more frequently than dry skin, which can be helped by rubbing in a slightly oily lotion or ointment. Where sweat is not free to evaporate, such as under the arms and between the thighs, bacteria can break down the oil in the sweat and give off body odour. In most people, this can be avoided by daily washing: in other, a daily bath with liberal soap lathering is necessary. Body odour can also come from sweat in clothing; under-clothing, socks or stockings should therefore be changed every day.

It is important for people past middle age to take care of their feet. Corns and bunions are potential sites of infection. Consult a doctor or chiropodist about treatment; do not try to treat stubborn corns yourself.

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Personal Hygiene - Nails

Nails need little attention apart from regular cutting of filing: keeping the nails reasonably short helps to prevent splitting. Push back the cuticles at the base of the finger nails with blunt instrument, such as an orange stick. Cut toe nails straight across, not rounded like finger nails, to avoid pressure from shoe forcing the nail into the skin at the edges and causing ingrowing nails.

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Personal Hygiene - Hair

The condition of the hair can reflect the general state of a person's health. Wash your hair at least once every ten days - more frequently if it is oily. Rinse throughly and dry with a hair dryer or a soft towel: hand rubbing with a rough towel can split the ends. When possible, brush the hair gently as it dries. Hold some of the hair together and brush the lower end of the tress only. Then brush higher up, and finally brush the ends nearer the scalp. Brushing the whole length of the hair in one sweep can also split the ends.

Washing removes, along with dirt, the natural oil from the hair - and no shampoo can restore it. Shampoo usually contain only soap or detergent, with added perfume:;a poor shampoo may contain a mild alkali such borax, which can irritate the scalp. Thick oily dressings tend to clog the opening of sweat glands and irritate the scalp; they should be avoided. If you are troubled with dandruff, wash your hair with a medicated shampoo; and if you have dry hair, massage a little olive oil into the scalp after shampooing.

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Pantun Berkasih Sayang

Layang-layang terbang melayang,
Jatuh ke laut disambar jerung,
Siapa kata abang tak sayang,
Jikalau bunga rasa nak gendong.

Ada satu anak gelanggang,
Sehari-hari turun ke pantai,
Jika sehari takku pandang,
Bagai bunga layu di tangkai.

Bunga melur di atas titi,
Mari dibungkus dalam kertas,
Dalam telur lagi dinanti,
Inikan pula sudah menetas.

Anak beruk di kayu rendang,
Turun mandi di dalam paya,
Hodoh buruk di mata orang,
Cantik manis di mata saya.

Lama sudah tidak ke ladang,
Padi sudah dililit kangkung,
Selama tuan tidakku pandang,
Putus hati pengarang jantung.

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Memakai Kasut

Abu Hurairah melaporkan, Rasulullah pernah berkata, ' Jangan berjalan dengan memakai sebelah kasut. Pakai kedua-dua belah ataupun tanggalkan kedua-duanya.'
Direkodkan oleh Bukhari dan Muslim.

Abu Hurairah juga melaporkan, katanya, "Saya mendengar Rasulullah berkata, 'Apabila tali kasut saudara putus, jangan berjalan dengan sebelah kasut sahaja, sehingga dibaiki'."
Direkodkan oleh Muslim.

Jabir melaporkan, "Rasulullah melarang orang memakai kasut sambil berdiri."
Direkodkan oleh Abu Daud.

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Meminta Dengan Nama Allah

Jabir melaporkan, "Rasulullah pernah berkata, 'Tidak patut meminta sesuatu dengan nama Allah, kecuali meminta syurga'."
Direkodkan oleh Abu Daud.

Abdullah bin Umar melaporkan. "Rasululllah pernah berkata. 'Sesiapa yang meminta saudara melindunginya dengan nama Allah, saudara lindungi dia. Sesiapa yang meminta kepada saudara dengan nama Allah, saudara bagi kepadanya. Sesiapa yang mengundang saudara, saudara penuhi undangannya. Sesiapa yang berbuat baik kepada saudara, saudara balas kebaikan itu. Apabila saudara dapati tidak ada apa yang hendak dibalas. doakan dia sehingga saudara fikir saudara sudah membalas budinya'."
Direkodkan oleh Abu Daud dan Nasa'i

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Smell And Taste

There are relatively few disorders which affect the nose. Some conditions can, however, cause a loss of the sense of smell. These include the common cold and other inflammations of the nasal membranes and sinuses. Steam inhalations or decongestant may ease the discomfort of a stuffy nose, and restore the sense of smell.

Disorder affecting the sense of taste include inflammation of the tongue, or glossitis, and mouth ulcers. The symptoms of glossitis are red, sore tongue, on which black or white patches may appear. If the condition continue for any length of time, a doctor should be consulted. Mouth and tongue ulcers, although irritating, are usually harmless, but it is wise to consult a doctor if mouth ulcers persist.

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Noise And Hearing

Noise is a major problem, particularly for people living in large cities, because it affects not only the ears but also the whole body. Moderately loud noise causes the blood vessels of the skin to contract, and can temporarily impair the ability of the eyes to focus and see in depth. Sudden, unexpected noise can momentarily upset the body - the head jerks forward, the muscles tense and the heartbeat quickens.

If such physical reactions happen only rarely, they are harmless. But unpleasant psychological effects, such as irritability and tension, can build up after repeated or continuous exposure to noise. Prolonged exposure to high-volume music in discotheques may impair the hearing. One way to overcome discomfort or possible hearing damage from noise is to wear ear-plugs or ear-muffs.

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