Personal Hygiene - Hair

The condition of the hair can reflect the general state of a person's health. Wash your hair at least once every ten days - more frequently if it is oily. Rinse throughly and dry with a hair dryer or a soft towel: hand rubbing with a rough towel can split the ends. When possible, brush the hair gently as it dries. Hold some of the hair together and brush the lower end of the tress only. Then brush higher up, and finally brush the ends nearer the scalp. Brushing the whole length of the hair in one sweep can also split the ends.

Washing removes, along with dirt, the natural oil from the hair - and no shampoo can restore it. Shampoo usually contain only soap or detergent, with added perfume:;a poor shampoo may contain a mild alkali such borax, which can irritate the scalp. Thick oily dressings tend to clog the opening of sweat glands and irritate the scalp; they should be avoided. If you are troubled with dandruff, wash your hair with a medicated shampoo; and if you have dry hair, massage a little olive oil into the scalp after shampooing.

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