Looking After The Ears

Accumulation of wax in the ear may cause discomfort and even mild deafness. There may be popping or bubbling noises in the ear. Do not try to clear out or remove a foreign object from the ear canal with anything pointed, such as a hair pin. The surface of the canal can easily be scratched or the ear-drum damaged.

A doctor can genarally remove wax by syringing the ear with warm water of a solution of sodium bicarbonate. Sometimes it may be necessary first to soften the wax with warm olive oil or liquid paraffin in the ear.

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Looking After The Eyes

It is sensible not to abuse the eyes by reading or writing in a poor light, although doing so cannot cause damage. When possible, the light should be a little above and behind the shoulder. After reading steadily for a while, look up from the text and into the distance, this provide relief for tired eye muscles.

Eyedrops or ointments may provide relief for certain conditions, but do not use them unless a doctor considers them necessary.

Anyone who get headaches after reading or doing much close work should consult his doctor in case he needs glasses. Badly adjusted television or the stroboscopic lights used in discotheques may cause migraine headaches in susceptible people.

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Safeguarding The Senses

Because the senses are our only links with the outside world, they deserve special attention. The sense organs, particularly the eyes, are vulnerable to external injury and irritation; any damage can hinder or even eliminate the ability to act effectively. In addition, continued abuse of a sense organ can diminish its effectiveness.

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Berkongsi Memberi

Seorang tua berumur melebihi 80 tahun telah dilihat oleh seorang jirannya sedang menanam benih pokok pear. Lelaki itu berasa aneh kerana pokok itu mengambil masa bertahun lamanya untuk berbuah. Lalu dia bertanya, "Atuk, mengapa Atuk menanam pokok itu? Cucu fikir Atuk tentu tidak sempat makan buahnya".

Orang tua itu pun memandang kepada lelaki itu sambil tersenyum lalu berkata. "Cucu, sepanjang hayat, Atuk hanya memakan buah pear yang ditanam oleh orang lain, inilah masanya untuk Atuk menanam untuk orang lain pula".

Dalam mengamalkan memberi, kita sama-sama menanam pokok pear dan memakannya, dan samalah dengan orang lain tanpa disedari mereka telah lakukan demikian untuk faedah kita, mungkin beberapa tahun yang lalu.

Hari ini memberi adalah satu bekal untuk kebahagian di hari muka, walaupun kita tidak tahu bila, di mana atau dalam bentuk apakah kebahagiaan itu akan datang, yang mana merupakan sebahagian daripada keseronokan.

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